Transcendanse between women

A meeting between women to share and awake the fulfillness within us.

A medicine circle where we hold a time and a space to let go, to rest, to anchor, to recharge and reconnect with our feminine potential.

Connect with ours roots through the strenght and support of the group, and contact our cyclic being connected to the rhythms of Nature.

Rediscover the magic at every meeting…

The connection to Sacred Feminine carries fullness, sense of gratitude, inner peace and confidence, self-esteem and strength.

Time: One sunday per month from 15h to 18h

Place: Terre-Rêves
(1762b Chaussée de Wavre 1160 Bruxelles)

Price: 33 €

Places are limited.

Cette note est également disponible en: French, Spanish

2 thoughts on “Transcendanse between women

  1. Dear Olga,
    It was great meeting you today and enjoying the evening together! 🙂
    Pls add me to your newsletter about upcoming events, concerts etc.
    Hope to see you again soon,

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