Individual sessions

10325586_10152639237733388_224695440204277554_nBody alchemy.

Psychocorporal and energetic healing.

Channelings and transfomational body work, bringing deep awareness and releasing old memories.

Voice- sounds healing and medicine songs.

I put myself in service of your healing and fulfillment by connecting to your deepest needs, sometimes unconscious, to help you restore balance, transmute blockages and release old energies allowing the being to deploy.

The session sometimes takes place on a massage table to receive the blessings and healing, sometimes a more active participation is proposed according to the needs.
At the beginning of my therapeutic journey, Reiki (Rei-Universe, Ki-Energy) was the basis of the sessions, an energetic healing method of Japanese origin based on the channeling of Universal Energy and transmitted by hands. We channel the universal energy to transmit it for healing, the energy then circulates through the body: it aligns, cleans, balances, transforms, heals. Energy acts on the whole individual, on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.
Quite quickly in my sessions, this healing technique gave way to more intuitive channelings where my whole body and my voice became the transmitters of this Energy of Life, by receiving messages at the level of the soul, through hight vibrational healings sounds or medicine songs, always in service of healing, re-harmonization and regeneration, at all levels of Being.

It is through my personal and professional life experience, with shamanism, bodywork, movement, voice, constellations, meditation and other healing resources and ancestral techniques that my deep intuition connects to the receiver’s deep unconscious to find his wounds and hold espace for them. In this way,  i can accompany and guide him in his tranformational process.

In addition to providing well-being and deep relaxation, this work strengthens the body’s defense, detoxification and self-healing capacities by promoting the release of old energies.

The being finds a feeling of peace and lightness in his life. The body finds grounding.

A series of 4 sessions allows to make significant progress. If there is an old or deep problem, healing may require additional sessions.

On the other hand, if the person is ready (consciously and unconsciously) for a real change, a single session may be enough.

The Universe wants us free. It is up to us to accept this release …

DSC01030Healing for women

Touched gently to awaken the sensuality of the body, touched deeply allowing to liberate deep memories anchored in the body. Light massage to integrate tenderness, find the joy of living and rediscover our sexuality.

Corporal integration of the main aspects of feminin: freedom-lightness-love-fertility-sexuality-magic-wisdom-force.

Find the force in delicacy and tenderness and inhabit the body back.

Healing and womb blessings.  Release the memories of our ancestral lineage féminine.

10846290_10152512183138388_936091111845844301_n” The connection to Sacred Feminine carries fullness, sense of gratitude, inner peace and confidence, self-esteem and strength”.

Sessions of 90 min: 100€

Place:  Terre Rêves

Chaussée de Wavre 1762B, 1160 Auderghem


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